What Type of Tint Should You Choose for You Car?

Some Popular Window Tint Types

Window-tintingIts not uncommon to see cars with tinted windows. There are a lot of benefits to getting your windows tinted, and if you have not considered it yet, you should definitely give it some thought. However, bear in mind, that there are a lot of types of window tint. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you can choose between several high quality materials for your window tinting. Sun Stop Tinting has listed some of them below.

Dyed Tinting Film

A film made from  polyester, it features two layers glued together, with dye in the middle. This affordable option is preferred a lot for its natural “blackness” and although it does a good job protecting your vehicle’s interior from  any fading, its heat reduction qualities are not so strong.

Carbon Film

A little bit more expensive than its dyed counterpart, the carbon film is considered to be one of the superior types of tint available on the market. It is known to reduce the infra red heat almost by half, and it has the color effect properties of a dyed film.

Crystalline Film

The most advanced tint in the world is crystalline film. A single sheet is comprised of two hundred layers, and it is still thinner than a sheet of paper. It can resist almost 100% percent of the sun’s infrared rays, and reduce their heat by a staggering 60%. This type of material will definitely cost much more than any other, but it will also provide you with the ultimate protection your car needs.

There are other types of window tint film that vary in color or material type. However, the ones listed above are known to provide the greatest benefits for their price. Do you want to know more? Our Austin, TX office has a lot more information on the subject, and if you contact us today, we will provide you with additional info.

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