Do You Really Need to Tint Your Tail Lights?

Can Auto Glass Tint Be Applied to Tail Lights?

Although you may find these strange, some drivers come to us and request a tail light tinting service because they believe their tail lights are too bright and are disturbing the vehicles driving behind them. In fact, this problem is absolutely possible, but in most states, this type of tinting job is not allowed and is, therefore, not performed by auto glass tint contractors.

This post, however, will help you do this job yourself, when you really believe that your vehicle is distracting the other drivers on the road. Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

Step 1.Choose the type of tint film that you are going to use. You can choose between regular black tint and colors like red, yellow, or blue, depending on the type of vehicle that you drive. Some tint is even pre-cut for popular automobile models.

Step 2. Clean tail light surface. Use a specialty window cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove watermark and debris. It is important that the tail lights of your car are immaculately cleaned before you apply any type of tint on them.

Step 3.Cut the film tint that you have to the size needed. Cut the film to an approximate size, so it is easier to work with it. You can use a precision knife in order to manage this step.

Step 4. Remove the film from the protective sheet. After peeling the tin from the protective plastic, spray some soapy water on the adhesive side. This will prevent the film from sticking before you have aligned it to the tail light.

Step 5. Apply the film to the tail light. Place the film tint over the tail light. You may need to stretch it in order to fit the shape of the light. If you have any trouble, stretch out the film with the help of a heat gun.

Step 6. Squeegee out air bubbles. If you notice any excess air or water from underneath the film, you can use a vinyl squeegee to push it away.

Step 7. Use a precision knife to cut out the excess film around the tail light. You don’t have to be an auto glass tint specialist to do this perfectly.

Step 8. Tuck in the edges. Use a heat gun and a squeegee to stretch and tuck the edges of the film around the tail light edges.

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