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What Are the Benefits of Booking Our Team for Your Auto Tinting Needs?

Hello, customers! Welcome to our blog space! We will start our posts with a little bit more information about our company and the benefits of the auto tinting services we provide. We hope that you will find it useful!

Why would I install auto tints on my car?

Many people are still unaware of all the advantages a car window tint provides. Besides overall beauty, auto tint comes with a wide range of benefits as it follows:

  • increases comfort
  • enhances vehicle’s appearance
  • protects passengers
  • reduces glare
  • protects the vehicle

Another very important feature of window tints is their ability to hold the glass together in case of an accident. The windshield is also a major component of your car and has the property to keep the upper part stiff and rigid. In the case of a roll over, the windshield must hold the weight of the entire vehicle. Window films make the windshield tougher and stronger, thus increasing the safety of your ride.

Sun Stop Tinting offers car window and windshield tint installation for all vehicle owners in Austin, TX. We offer outstanding services and highly competitive prices. Here are some of the additional benefits our company offers:

  • Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in applying auto tints on all types of vehicles from cars, trucks, SUVs and even boats.
  • We have gained experience working in a variety of complex and elaborate projects, which is why we are proud of what we have done so far. Furthermore, our customers are completely satisfied with the result and recommend our business to others with confidence.
  • We understand that in order to provide a reliable service, we need not only experienced people, but also top of the line materials. That is why we only work with reputable suppliers that provide us with high quality window films. For instance, our auto tinting materials have the property to block 98% of the UV rays. This is extremely important when it comes to a car window tint as the UV rays are harmful for your interior and can cause big damage.

Contact us at (512) 256-8766 if you are interested to learn more about the auto tinting services we provide. Ensure comfort in your car at a price which will match your budget!