Has Your Tinting Started to Peel? Part One

How to Safely Remove Window Tinting

Removing tint from  windows is more than likely the last thought to come into your head when you’re having them installed. However, over time, the bonding which holds the film in place starts to break down. As it starts to show signs of wear and tear, you need to understand that it won’t be too long until the adhesive no longer works, and you need to come up with a plan to remove it. In most cases, you could use an ammonia cleaner, this will dissolve the adhesive, so you are able to simply pull it off the window.

The best way to remove window tinting film greatly depends on the window getting treated. Some films have a special adhesive that need a special removal spray. This is one method that is safe and effective on most windows including car windows that have defroster strips which should not be damaged or scratched.

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