Skin Care Products Won’t Protect Your Car from the Harmful UV Rays – Auto Tint Will!

Is Window Tinting What Your Car Really Needs?

Your car is exposed to the harmful sun rays just as you are. Unfortunately, applying sunscreen on your windshield won’t protect it like it protects your skin. You will need something much better called tint. Window tinting is a popular method for auto glass protection which also provides you with great privacy.

Here are the 2 types of UV rays that can harm your skin even through the windows of your vehicle if they are not tinted:

UVA (long wave). These rays are less intense but penetrate deeper into the skin. They are present all year long and can get through clouds and glass. These rays are the major cause for wrinkling or aging. The aging is caused by the fact that these UV rays penetrate the skin and destroy collagen.

UVB (shorter wave). They can damage the most superficial layer of your skin and vary depending on the seasonal weather. They are usually stronger in the hot and sunny summer days. They are the major cause of skin redness and sunburn.

Window tinting will not entirely solve your UV rays’ problems but will at least reduce them to a great extent. A quality tint can also protect the interior of your vehicle and the fabric of your seats from color fading. This is a serious problem that can lead to a costly seat replacement service after only few years of extensive exposure to sunlight.

Quality tint can also keep your automobile’s interior much cooler during the summer months. This will help you save some money on fuel consumption as you will have to run your vehicle’s AC system very rarely due to that fact.

Last but not least, as we already mentioned, car tint is a great way to provide more privacy for your back seat passengers.

If you are looking for a window tinting specialist in Austin, TX, do not hesitate to contact Sun Stop Tinting for help! we are available at (512) 256-8766 for any consultations you may need! And remember: cool drivers always have their windows tinted!