A Few Reasons No to Hire a Window Tint Amateur

Why Auto Glass Tinting Should Be Performed by a Specialist

Everybody wants their car to feel as comfortable as possible. This is why people all around the world have their windows tinted. There are a lot of benefits to auto glass tinting, but there are several facts you need to know, before you start looking for a company that can do it. This is why Sun Stop Tinting has prepared a few examples of what will happen if you allow an amateur to perform any window tint services for you. Take a look!

Cheap Materials

Tinting foil made for vehicles is designed and manufactured according to a number of professionals standards. In order to save money or charge you a little bit extra, freelancers often purchase a cheap tinting foil version, which starts to show signs of wear only after a few months. A qualified professional on the other hand, will not allow such a thing to happen and will provide you with the quality tinting material your vehicle needs.

Low Quality Result

One of the most common mistakes an amateur can do is to place the foil on your window incorrectly. This will result in air beneath some sections. Furthermore, when you roll your window up or down, this air will completely tear the foil, perhaps even damaging your window opening mechanism. Window tinting experts have a very strict working policy, and this is why they will never allow such a thing to happen.


The difference between an amateur and a professional is that when a freelancer places the foil on your windows, he won’t guarantee his work, while the expert always will. You don’t need to waste your time and money on any amateur.

Working with specialists is vital when it comes to auto glass tinting. A lot of people perceive that window tinting is easy to do, and this is why they don’t need professional assistance. This, however, is a mistake that too many make. If you want to learn more about window tinting in general, do not miss your chance to talk to our Austin, TX specialists. They will gladly share their information with you!

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